Royalties, Metadata, and a Whole Lot of Distribution

On April 26, Spotify announced it acquisition of Brooklyn-based Mediachain Labs, a company which exercises blockchain technology, the method which backs the highly regarded currency of Bitcoin. What does this mean? A great deal of things. In a short answer, this acquisition will assist in Spotify’s issues with artist royalties, as briefly highlighted in an […]

Nobody wants you, SoundCloud

Spotify might be the icon for streaming today, but another name takes the epitome of streaming. This name is SoundCloud, the Berlin based music distribution service launched 10 years ago, which boasts 175 million monthly users and over 120 million tracks that consistently grows. This data is unmatched by any other streaming service, with Spotify coming […]

The Not-so Rocky Road of Spotify

Spotify certainly is, “to big to fail”. In retrospect to the previous post, Spotify did in fact reach 50 million paid subscribers. But when you take in to account the free users, the memberships shoots way above 100 million. Picturing the initiatives the company is taking, it is evident that there is room for growth. Within […]

The Rocky Road of Spotify

The music streaming service Spotify is currently in an awkward position that seemingly leads to questions about the company’s future. Despite being the icon for music streaming, reaching 50 million paid subscribers earlier this month, the service is at odds in every corner of the music industry. To start, Spotify’s model does not yield any profit, even […]

A Glimpse into the Music of YouTube

Released March 3rd, Ed Sheeran’s latest album, ÷ (“Divide”), garnered massive commercial attention, topping charts internationally, and selling almost 700,000 copies within the first week in the United Kingdom alone. More importantly, the album has been essential to the developing streaming service of the digital content platform, YouTube. Cumulatively, Divide received over a billion views, only four days after […]